I try to maintain a healthy dose of daydream to stay sane.


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It is a very famous saying in India: Sab Moh Maya Hai !! Generally, it is misunderstood as boycotting all objectively pleasures and riches of life such as assets, relations, love, sex, fame, money and living a life full of simplicity and a saint. That’s not the truth. It simply means never letting your assets … Continue reading Hallucinations…


She turned her can’t into cans and her dreams into plans. We all have dreams. After all, a Dream is a wish which our heart makes. Some desired to be someone, some dream for assets or some just daydream. Dreams are only a series of dynamic thoughts in our mind. They provide a vision but they don’t work … Continue reading Daydreaming!

Avoid Distractions!

Distractions are everywhere. Mind is a thinking faculty. It is its job to think and create thoughts and that’s okay but it is your job to not let your mind over rule you and so hence your life.Its ironical dreamers dreaming to overrule big empires cant even overrule themselves. They wanna shoot stars but can’t … Continue reading Avoid Distractions!

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