Avoid Distractions!


Distractions are everywhere. Mind is a thinking faculty. It is its job to think and create thoughts and that’s okay but it is your job to not let your mind over rule you and so hence your life.Its ironical dreamers dreaming to overrule big empires cant even overrule themselves. They wanna shoot stars but can’t focus. obviously, They will miss target.

Its my favourite quote from Evan’s Almighty.

Yes! it  only ONE SHOT ,only once given. Past is no more the present and present will not be the future. What we have today is this moment, this breathe, this life, this opportunity, which nobody can take away from you right now. What’s stopping you to be your better version.

Thoughts, Worries, Fears, Distractions! come on,Be practical and logical. Distractions are only piece of thoughts which exist only in your mind. They have nothing to do with the real world.  Dont give them shelter in your mind. Everything which don’t add to your goals,account and happiness are not worth it to be with.

May be your worries,fears,distractions are genuine and your present work is so boring . Hence its hard to focus.

So,what about making a bold decision to accept present ,live in it and working ahead with a broad perceptive and vision in mind that what i am doing , my future will definately thank me for it.Will this help?

It is always hard to make choices but life is only about choices. We all got 24 hrs a day.Some make millions in it and some a few. we choose what we become. So, I am going to give you very efficient tips to avoid distractions. But before that lets take a moment and just notice your breathe……. Are you breathing?

Miraculously yes! …


Tips :-

  • Keep a  journal with you. Write what’s distracting you. According to a survey, thoughts fade away on writing about them. Embrace your emotions.
  • Dont judge your thoughts, the more you judge, the more you will be engaged with them.
  • Set time-table, priorities and work accordingly. Give your worries and distractions 1 hr a day to work on them. Try to find solutions to the problems distracting you in that time so as u feel most productive for rest of 23 hrs.
  • Don’t procrastinate. Work onto your goals. Remind yourself again n again about them.
  • Set timer to a your work,so as every time you wander off, it notifies you and you could tell yourself. ” Dude! it is just a thought. Dont overthink.”
  • Set deadlines and  and announce it publicly. People generally work harder to avoid public embracement
  • take breaks. I mean real breaks. Internet n all just exhaust us more. Listen to  music,play something, go out for a walk, nap, play etc.
  • Meditate. It took only 5 min and for rest 1 hr you are productive.
  • If its Fb, text, snapchat n all turn them off for a while. posts are  not going anywhere but this moment will.
  • dont multitask. Again n again make a choice. Set priorities.

Might be, you have tried many of these but they dont work.So,what should we do now. Are distractions unavoidable? will i always remain average? How come billiniores out there are so focused,successful? What is their secret of success?

Trust me friend its not their luck or any other x-factor. It was their choice that which they made to work when others were partying, building relations ,travelling,drugging, bullying others, gossiping, daydreaming,procrastinating, texting and posting humors. They choose to save those every  moments of their life to work on thier goals and visions. They choose a different life ,so as they get. 

These tips wont work until you work onto your attitude and thinking. All what u need is in the present and within you. Change your vison to the world ,it will change your world.

divergingroads Choice is simple. Choose without any regret. I trust u.


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