She turned her can’t into cans and her dreams into plans.

We all have dreams. After all, a Dream is a wish which our heart makes. Some desired to be someone, some dream for assets or some just daydream. Dreams are only a series of dynamic thoughts in our mind. They provide a vision but they don’t work unless you DO. But daydreaming is all about fooling yourself with a desire which have nothing to do with the reality.

People generally mistook understanding their dreams as daydreaming. No one dreams of a flying fish but its daydreaming is possible. There is difference between dreams and daydreaming which successful people knows well.A Dream is a  vision which is  accompanied by self-motivation to work for a goal completion. But daydreams have nothing to do with action. the whole plot for desire just remain in your mind and you spend your life in its planning , plotting and  convincing yourself that you will get it one day without taking any action for it. Something which is not practically possible to happen  but our mind and heart is webbed with that illusion is Daydream.

Daydreams allured your mind. It is a fantasy world with only an entry but no exit. they are just distractions, sometimes in form of fears or  worries of past or future. No one ever dreams of serials, movie plots, tragedy,diseases, being a super-man, spider-man, vampire,dancer,musician,doctor in a day,etc. All those things which have nothing to do with reality are Daydreams. Theses are no dreams. Dreams come with a way to make them happen.

So,next time. No need to be afraid when someone says NO to your vision. because you know it ,you are  not daydreaming. Dreams are meant to be true.

Choose your dreams wisely….

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