Motivational Quotes for women

Its an old saying:

” The most common way women give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

It is 21st century we talk of democracy, liberty, gender equality, gadgets, unity and peace.But none of these mathches a women situation in our society. She has got the right to educate, work, travel, speak publicly, contesting elections, wearing whatever she want or any other thing a men can do but still women voice is supressed, she dont feel safe hanging out, still there is violence in her life,she get low pay, women to ratio in military,eduaction, cooperative world is still much  less. Why? What’s  stopping us?

A successful person never blames his circumstances, background, neighour, luck etc. He lives his  life in a grateful manner. May be it is the lack of opportunities? Again no blame to it. So what is it?

It is the pessimist inner voice, a chattering mind saying No to everything. It is lack of motivation and belief on youself and a will to say “I CAN ” to problems. Every one got some problems but it is your choice to focus on what- opportunity or excuses.

  • Fear is just an emotion . Dont let it play with you. Before you there are 1000’s of women who got sucessful and after you there will many more. Dream-Work-Achieve, U are child of supreme, noone can stop u. Not even U can.


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