It is a very famous saying in India:

Sab Moh Maya Hai !!

Generally, it is misunderstood as boycotting all objectively pleasures and riches of life such as assets, relations, love, sex, fame, money and living a life full of simplicity and a saint.

That’s not the truth. It simply means never letting your assets and other comforting things in your life becoming the reason for nuisance and discomfort. Never let yourself so attach to anything that u love it more than your own existence. Your happiness, success, love, present .these all are in you in your present.Dont hustle so badly for past or future that u forgot to live satisfactorily and peacefully with the present . We don’t own past and future, we don’t control, something which is right here is this moment, this breath, this life. No one can take away this from you.

I had live in depression for a year and its consequences still, i face. I was so focused on daydreaming a perfect future that I forgot to hustle in my present leading me out of the race for success. Future is an illusion without preparation. I try to please me with every temporary pleasure but nothing satisfies me. I lower my standards and respect to trying to make fake sort of people as friends so as to avoid loneliness. I chase everything others were having (boyfriend, money, love, good skin n all) forgetting and taking for granted what I actually possess( small group of good friends, knowledge, my individuality, loving family, goals, opportunity to succeed )but the hunt for outer pleasures was never getting over and deep down I was broke n lost. With time i envy more n more of others and want everything they have and lose everything of mine.

But one day while lying down on my couch, I try to feel that moment and try to live it unconditionally. That moment was so peaceful and complete and make me wonder that everything was so worthless chasing, all I wanted was right there (comfort, peace,loyalty) but I wasn’t looking at it.

Guys! our treasure is our present moment. Try to find it. Live it. Accept it.



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