Yes! I daydream. MY story….

Today we live in the 21st century where Things evolves at a fast pace. The Past is no more the Present and Present won’t be the future. There are so many inventions, discoveries are made from stone age till date. The once seem unsolvable mysteries of space, time, traveling etc are now solved.We have cure and preventions for many once incurable and even undetectable diseases. It all once begin from a vision and look today we are on mars.

But do we stop here?  No! there is no ending to science and discoveries. Great ideas born every day and are conquered too. So, why there is no cure of DAYDREAM. Y can’t we just live fully focused in reality?

In medical sciences, Daydream is just a distraction by visionary fantasies and If you daydream for long then it is Maladaptive Daydreaming.

But for daydreamers like me, It is more an ADDICTION than a distraction. Past memories and future desires get so stack up in us that we are so prisoned of them that what is PRESENT we even don’t know.I daydream since my childhood.Earlier it was about kings, princesses, serial characters, my goals.I dream so as to feel good and remain distracted from my parent’s abusive relationship.But soon it becomes my habit and in my college I end up being in a depression for a year.I lose all my friends, my grades went low, I was leading an aimless life, ill-focused, with no goals, no direction, no care for future.I only feel comfortable in my own world where things work according to me.I am the BOSS there. I was making wrong choices and was on a wrong path.  I had been so used to live a luring life in my mind that I don’t want to face downs of my life.So, I was facing consequences of taking no action in life.

I googled and read more on daydreaming so as to better understand it. But one page of Wikipedia and some references from it cant define my situation. I joined some online communities where I got to know I was not the alone daydreamer. Like me, there are 1000’s there who was sick of it. In medical science, this disorder has some stupid drugs as a solution. So clubbing it all Daydreaming is basically bad as what they say.But I was not completely satisfy with it.

Daydreaming is a gift for those who know to play well with their minds, Who knows well balancing of life and fantasies. There are great scientists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes who use daydreaming to being a better person. Who predicted many theories, solved many problems with it.Reading about their achievements I always wonder, How can daydreamin g be bad. I started fooling me  if it work for them then it will too work for me. But i was wrong.

Half knowledge is always  dangerous. They dream a vision, set goals and work. What i was doing was just dreaming.  Mind is our thinking faculty. letting your mind take over you and believing every illusion and thought it creates , is a big  mistake. As an old saying,

“What u sow, so shall u reap ! ” .

With years, I was filling my mind with negative thoughts of love, anger, revenge, lonliness, sex, heartbreaks, ghosts as what i was watching,i was dreaming more and more on it. I generally get plot for dreaming from music , serials, movies. We people are never acceptable to the things the way they are. If film got an unsatisfactory ending, we daydream for a different one. If its any rough love, tragedy, break-ups, violent scenes, such plots never leave our mind. So, as a result i was becominging a more insecure ,fearful, depressing, lonely , narrow minded and an overthinker. I live the life of a looser for an year.I spent days watching serials ,reading their o.S.  I have no idea of time ,how its passing by and what clutter i was filling my mind with. My mind always chatter nonsence non-stop and  negative.Major heartbreak was feeling lonely in college and my loosed attention from studies. Girl once being 96% in CBSE is on 70%.I wanted to run away, so I change places,travel more and more But nothing changed.My mind still the same.

So one day i said to me it has to stop somewhere Apporva. Till how long u will not embrace your life,your  present and your family. 6 monts back i come here at my aunt’s place and things started changing. I finally got a real family,people who care me and love me unconditionally.Staring months was not easy.I was so weak ,got migraine problems, feel so afraid while travelling.I try to handle it by my way by reading self-help books, trying to think good.But i was not getting,I got into a meditation center where I met my angel. Tips she gives me to change my life.

She introduces me to myself , who I am really (an indestructible soul) and builds my relation with God(who is a best friend,father er, brother, moth er, lover, he is all in one. ).No matter what, i know i survive this all because of him.He is a true friend, never gonna leave my side ever. I started feeling secure and protected. I learn mediation which calm my mind. I started focusing on reading good and listening good which nurture my mind which postivity. She and  I counsel me to try to find why i daydream, What sort of things i daydream and when and for how long. It is important to understand that u are not your mind and always be practical in life. Daydreaming fish to fly one day is stupidity. Most importantly i start keeping myself busy  in my study and work. since being productive feels good. I pray and in a month following this shedule of (meditation,healthy diet, reading,listening, work goals, exercise), my life is changed now. I dont go on any drugs. I change my lens to world and it change my world. I found secret to sucess .

So I advice u, there is no tomorrow. Its only this moment. Nothing can ever be achieved if u just keep on planning it perfectly in your mind. Go out, make some mistakes, take some action ,that what’s important.To be successful, a vision and a consecutive action is important. U need to detach yourself from your mind and thoughts. If any thought come to your mind,dont judge it .gently bring your attention back to your work.Don’t judge.Figure out what sort of daydreams u have, if its about health, be slim,be better musician, actor, bussiness man, lover. Dont keep on dreaming. It wont come out of your mind and get true. You need to work for it like u never ever done before.Dont overthink. Set a goal with a deadline,prepare and be it. Most importantly talk with u once a day, You are the only one who knows you the best.U will get guidance from within you what you are dreaming is merely an illusion,a lie you stupidly believing or a true. What u belive or think , so as u become.

Now still I sometimes daydream but to be a strong and confident woman. I suffer and survive but no matter what It is my journey, my own.I am the CEO of my life. I believe in you, more then u do on you. I know like me u can too soon get over with it. That’s why i am telling you my secret to sucess. Its “LOVE”.It is the most strongest potion of all times. It is undeceivable . Love yourself unconditionally .Love your weakness and strengths. love your past and present,memories,family and everything related to u. Since these all are yours and only yours. Love is in YOU. Love will heal you .This will help you settle with present and a bright future. Dear, Show the world the way to love u by loving u. I love me.